Sirijaya Metal Sdn Bhd is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of electric cable trunking products, cable lining support system and integrated ceiling systems. Our history begins in 2009 when our parent company, Sirijaya Industries Sdn Bhd decided to venture its business into cable support systems in view of strong demand by their customers.

Sirijaya Industries Sdn Bhd has been a well-established fluorescent light fittings manufacturer for more than 30 years. The products were well accepted by local and foreign customers. As the customers confident level grew, many of them began to recommend us to produce other ancillary products to supplement our light fixtures.

A high quality cable support system is critical to reduce the cost impact of installation and increase the ability to quickly implement moves, add and change. They maintain the integrity of your cabling infrastructure so as to maximise performance.

Sirijaya Metal Sdn Bhd started to design, fabricate and market our Epoxy Coated Cold Roll Steel metal trunk, under the brand of SJ Trunk. Presently, we supply metal trunk from SWG24 to SWG16 with 10 different dimensions for customers to choose from.

Our cable trunk quality has been recognised by SIRIM and JKR. The certificates are available for download at our webpage.

Sirijaya Metal Sdn Bhd has introduced a wide range of cable tray since January 2016. Our main objective is to serve our existing and future customers on the highest level.

One of our biggest strength is our versatility to meet customers demand in fabricating customised designed cable support products for various applications. Our state of the art machines and skilful design team provide value added services to customers, especially if special designed cable support systems were required to cater for distinctive installation condition.